• Keynote Speaker

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    We would like to announce our guest speaker; Paul Kerssens. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Makers Unite Holding. The organization has two labels; Makers Unite & United Repair Centre. Makers Unite produces workwear and apparel inclusive and sustainably for fashion brands and companies. With United Repair Centre they focus on circularity in the fashion industry by providing repurpose and repair services for brands. With both labels, the company works with high ethical and sustainable standards and it gives working opportunities for people with a distance to the labor market and mostly newcomers in The Netherlands.


    Makers Unite helps your company to achieve your sustainable & ethical ambitions. For example, a nice initiative from Maker unite is that they have recycled 7000 life jackets from the coast of Greece to make new products. The mission of Makers Unite "is to support newcomers with access to the job market through the collaborative design and production of sustainable products, in the process shifting narratives around migration globally." Makers Unite is open to collaborations and likes to look with your company at what sustainable aspects it can add.

    Paul Kerssens is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations, covering the Partnerships, Product Development and Manufacturing areas, to ensure they deliver high quality products and services to the customers in an efficient manner. During the event he will tell you all about it and the possibilities for you and your business. Paul Kessens would like to tell you more about the company and also how to inspire you as a company to be even better for the world


    Have you already become enthusiastic about the guest speaker and can't wait for the event? Then take a look at the Makers Unite website for more information!